By Randy
2/15/2015 2:50 AM

I have written poetry
I have written song
Lyrics are just poems of mine
The music just belongs

A story has a life it's own
Your fingers are the lonely drone
It comes from deep inside your heart
Just type type type and start start start

Sit back and watch - try not to think
If your mouth gets dry then take a drink
Soon in the end the truth appears
You'll know it's good if you have tears

Sometimes it flows
Sometimes it blows
Your job to look inside and see
The story without you can't be

Just type the dreams and share the pain
And what comes out just let remain
Try not to judge what is within
It will not matter - trust me friend

The truth will always find a way
No matter what the critics say
The story soon will stand alone
And you can stop and just go home