David and Randy and the Truth about who was the Favorite Son. This picture is the only Picture I have living as a small child in Michigan when I use to listen to Me and my Teddy Bear.  Notice the difference in the clothing and assessories between the first born son David and Me on the Right.  I look like the Orphan kid from down the street at the homeless shelter.
Yeah David always thought he was one step ahead of me.  Truth is he has always been one step behind me.  I can't remember the last time he had an original thought or idea of his own without getting inspiration from looking at me the guy would be nothing!
David Imitating Randy - Randy has a motorcycle in the Philippines so David has to get a motorsycle too.
Me riding my bike in Cavite. Notice my shoes hanging from the mirror.  I always ride barefooted, just like I walk.  I only bring shoes incase it's too hot to walk without them
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