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There is a lot of good information and entertaining content on this website and I can see via Google Analytics that some of my best content has not been discovered by many of my visitors.

This is an example of what some of you are missing.
This song, "The old man in the tree" is on the 7th Music Directory of this website that you may not have visited yet.  Just click the featured link and check it out!

I guarantee you will like it! 

It's a Randy Original found only here on this website!

The Old Man In The Tree
Written by
Randall Crossette
June 2, 1985

I once met a man who
Lived high in a tree
Down on the south
Coast of old Sicily
The people would stop
And look up
And they'd say
"Why do you live in
This strange way?"

A tree is no place
For a man
They would say
The city's much nicer
Please don't
Go this way
It hurts us to see
How you suffer
They'd say
Please turn back
You've gone the wrong way!

At first it was hard
For the man in the tree
But soon
He was comfortable
As could be
Soon people admired
And envied his style
And traveled
To see him from miles

Tell us old man
From high up in the tree
Your secret for somehow
We just cannot see
We've hunted for silver
And searched for the gold
But life's grown no richer
Just cold

Riches like silver
And gold have I none
But I have the moon
And the stars
And the sun
The sky is my blanket
When daytime is done
The wind cools
The scorch of the sun

Year after year you
Stay up in the tree
The wind
And the rain
You take so comfortably
Your life seems
So simple
And yet it's so grand
Please help us
We don't understand

The old man looked down
From his perch in the sky
He could see clearly
'cause he was so high
Perspective he said
Is the name of the game
I'm special
'Cause I'm not the same

Surely there's more
To your secret than that
After all
We could have been
Where you're at
Your answer's
Too simple
For us to accept
You and your theories
We reject

He turned with a smile
Laughed and said
With a glee
Then you go live your life
And I'll live like me
And judge for yourself
Who the happier be
You or the old man
In the tree

This is my Kyle on Valenties day, less than a month before she went to her family reunion. That was March 7th 2022. I have been in touch with her all the time she has been gone and I'm still hoping she will come home soon!