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Randy Originals
The Story of Lola And Daisy
Written by Randy Wilson

I will tell you
A funny story
In the form of
Once you hear it
Please remember
It was something
You heard Randy

Only I could
Tell this story
There was a rock
In a quarry
It was little
But not worthless
And it dreamed
A dream to
One day
Join the Circus

It was under
Poison ivy
It was pure green
But kind of tiny
And it's value
It was hidden
And to take it
Was forbidden

Many saw it
The green emerald
In the quarry
Was in peril
In a carton
It was hidden
Until one day
She moved in
And had
A kitten

Name was Lola
Kitten daisy
And like most cats
Kind of lazy
When they saw the
Tiny emerald
They decided
Then and there
They would

They worked hard
Alone together
They toiled
The awful weather
They had a plan
To make that emerald

Night after night
They worked together
Day after day
They worked with leather
They worked so long
But finally all
Their work was done!

A new collar
For her kitten
Daisy looked great
Mom was smitten
They were special
Cat and kitten
Soon the two were
Off to start to make
A living

Joined a circus
It was special
Cat and kitten
With an emerald
So the moral
Of this story
Is rocks dream too
Think and want
And all need

The Old Man In The Tree
Written by
Randall Crossette
June 2, 1985

I once met a man who
Lived high in a tree
Down on the south
Coast of old Sicily
The people would stop
And look up
And they'd say
"Why do you live in
This strange way?"

A tree is no place
For a man
They would say
The city's much nicer
Please don't
Go this way
It hurts us to see
How you suffer
They'd say
Please turn back
You've gone the wrong way!

At first it was hard
For the man in the tree
But soon
He was comfortable
As could be
Soon people admired
And envied his style
And traveled
To see him from miles

Tell us old man
From high up in the tree
Your secret for somehow
We just cannot see
We've hunted for silver
And searched for the gold
But life's grown no richer
Just cold

Riches like silver
And gold have I none
But I have the moon
And the stars
And the sun
The sky is my blanket
When daytime is done
The wind cools
The scorch of the sun

Year after year you
Stay up in the tree
The wind
And the rain
You take so comfortably
Your life seems
So simple
And yet it's so grand
Please help us
We don't understand

The old man looked down
From his perch in the sky
He could see clearly
'cause he was so high
Perspective he said
Is the name of the game
I'm special
'Cause I'm not the same

Surely there's more
To your secret than that
After all
We could have been
Where you're at
Your answer's
Too simple
For us to accept
You and your theories
We reject

He turned with a smile
Laughed and said
With a glee
Then you go live your life
And I'll live like me
And judge for yourself
Who the happier be
You or the old man
In the tree

In the Beginning

It all started when Randy was about 8 years old and he went down the street to play with his friend Ricky Sleem in the big house on the corner. Ricky was an only child and he was Rich in Randy's eyes. He had a big yard, and a playhouse in the back yard and lots and lots of toys and one day when Randy went to play at Ricky's house something new was there. Ricky's parents had bought an old upright piano and had put it out in the garage so they didn't have to listen to Ricky play. When Randy got there that day here was Ricky Sleem sitting in the garage playing the boogie woogie on the piano.

Randy was impressed with all the excitement of seeing the other kids gathered around and all watching Ricky Sleem play piano. Ricky Sleem was …. Well he was fat. Most of the kids didn't really like Ricky all that much but he did have the biggest yard in the neighborhood and he had lots of toys and things like the big play house that none of the rest of the kids had, so even though Ricky Sleem was fat and wore big thick glasses and was a Catholic the kids would go to his house to play anyhow because after all… he was the Rich kid and all the kids enjoyed all the things that Ricky always had.

Well this day, the day the piano had been placed in the garage and the day that all the kids learned that Ricky could play the piano; well this day was pretty special. Randy remembered one thing in particular and that was that Ricky for the first time was surrounded by all the girls who wanted to watch him play the piano. The girls didn't usually go to Ricky's house but today was different. There were lots of girls and they all were acting like Ricky Sleem was Ricky Nelson or something! Randy would never admit it, but he was jealous when he saw all the attention that Ricky Sleem was getting from the girls. Randy was a handsome boy and all the girls usually paid him a lot of attention but not today! Today was Ricky Sleem's day to shine. The more Randy watched the more Randy got jealous.

Table Three
By Randy Wilson
3 pm August 13 2021
To the minus tack of:
Something Stupid

I want so much
To just express
The feeling of
My Heart
And say I love
You so

But if I do
For all I know
You might get scared
Get up and go

So I sit here
All alone
With out a plan
No words that
I can say
To make it so

And all the while
I'm loving you
Not knowing if
You ever could
Just love me too

I noticed you have
Pretty eyes
And I don't think
You realize
I'm watching you

As you sit there
And I just stare
I'm dreaming of
The nights of me
Just holding you!

If only I could find
The nerve
To just get up
Walk over and
Say hi
To you

Perhaps I could
Bend over
I need to
Tie my shoe

As I look up
Our eyes would meet
Perhaps you'd smile
Say take a seat
Oh could it be?

Or am I just
A dreamer
Not a chance
That you would
Ever want to
Be with me

The waitress
Now she comes
She says
I'd like to take
Your order
If your ready please

How can I tell her
What I want
Is sitting
All alone
At table three

My heart it breaks
As you look up and
Notice me
Is that a smile
Upon your face

And could this be
My lucky day
My ship comes in
My love
I've found
And we embrace

Can we embrace

Ya know I love that face

I've won my race

Come on lets us embrace

I love that face

Can we embrace

Oh I love that face

I love that face

Oh I love that face