Well I made it to February and I guess you did too.  According to Google 156k plus people around the world died and didn't make it to today so I guess we are special because we are still here alive and kicking.

I finished up the Living Room Project all except the Glass for the table tops and I'll be working on by the end of this next week I guess.  I ended up using the remaining plywood I had to make a little Box end table that the top lifts off of and allow one to put storage inside.  I suggested to Kyle that we store what Christmas stuff we can in there since I don't want to have to get into that very often but we can when we need to and with my small apartment, every place I can create to store a little stuff helps us stay a little better organized.  So I have put the Christmas tree lights and some Christmas decorations inside that little storage end table I made.  I covered it with the same blanket I covered the coffee table with so they "match"  and I'll buy a piece of glass for both tables now to finish off the project.  With a little luck I might be able to get that done by Saturday of this week.

So I'm a little worn out from doing all this Living Room Project and I think I'll take it easy for a couple days.  Kyle is busy cleaning up stuff right now so I can make a little Video showing you all how it came out. The little storage box I won't take the top off to show you that it comes off and you can store stuff inside but you can trust me, the top will lift right off and it's a pretty good little storage area and there is room for other long term storage as we only have a few things in it so far.  I also put an old computer keyboard in there that usually sits here below my computer screen in one of the storage areas here in my room, but I was glad to get that keyboard out of here.  I only hang on to it because it still works and ya never know when the keyboard you are using will go bad and I don't like being without any keyboard to work with while I'm waiting for a new one I order to be delivered. And speaking of that if I didn't have an old one that worked how can I get online and place an order for a new keyboard?  See how smart I am?  I'm not a horder by any means but I try to think ahead and make sure I've got a plan b.  So I put that keyboard down in that little storage cabinet box in the living room and hopefully I won't ever have to use it.  I do a lot of typing and so when a keyboard starts to be difficult to type on for whatever reason, I go right out and get a new one but when that happens it can be 4 days or so before I can get a new one if I order it online.

So anyhow, you have a video up top that shows you what all the living room set looks like as of today.  It will look a little better when I get the glass for the two table tops.  All in good time, as the wicked witch said, all in good time!  (Wizard of Oz Movie Reference)

I'm going to have Kyle put an ad in Market Place and try and get one of those 3 wheel bikes sold and so maybe that will happen for us in February and make us rich again.  I need to save up for a laptop computer and 5k is only about of what I need.  I'm wanting to buy the BMax15 With a Windows 10 OS.  They are about 17 to 18k pesos here and it would help my life a lot if I could get switched over to that.  Again as the wicked witch says, All in good time!

The pressure is building on the Democrats do get some relief out to at least the poor and those living on fixed incomes and living in poverty.  I'm watching that closely and keeping my fingers crossed that one of these days, I'm going to see a direct deposit that is not only going to buy me that laptop I want but also fix both mine and Kyle's teeth.  I didn't realize when I had my lower teeth fixed that it would be more than a year before I saw another stimulus check.  I'm still pretty self conscious about the fact that half of my upper teeth are no longer there. I'm very lucky to have a partner who doesn't really care and loves me with or without teeth.

So I guess that is about it for the update today.  See ya tomorrow

End of Update

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