It Is Me
Written by Randall Crossette
May 13, 1985

Sometimes I stare out my window at night
Within the darkness sometimes I see the light
Sometimes a melody flows from my hands
Where it comes from I swear I don't understand
And as it appears it quickly makes the demand
Play me, until you understand!

I listen carefully time and again
Wondering what message might be held deep within
My fingers struggle till they win the fight
Then suddenly like someone turned on a light
A line or two comes to me and it fits so right
I play it until I understand

It might be love so strong
Right or wrong
Memories beneath a shady tree
It could be good or bad
Sometimes it's sad
But one thing's sure
It is me

Sometimes I write a line I'm sure is wrong
Then later find how it fits right in the song
I don't pretend to know what it's about
I just keep at it and somehow it works out
I swear if my hands could talk my fingers would shout
Play me until you understand

It might be hopes and dreams
Or a love scene
A special day I can never say
It could be long ago
Or just so so
But one thing's sure
It is me!

It's like a picture that's blurry to see
As it appears I ask, "Is that really me?"
Sometimes it's love I see sometimes it's doubt
It might be something that I can't quite get out
It often seems simple what the music's about
I play it until I understand

It might be full of fears and some lonely tears
A picture that somehow was saved for years
It could be late at night when the feelings right
But One thing's sure it is me

It's strange to look and see parts of myself
Mingled with melodies and stored on a shelf
Sometimes I just pretend that I don't see
Yet I am there it's undeniably me
I ponder the image that the music sets free
And hope that someday I'll understand

It might be memories of a summer breeze
A gentle smile that made my day worthwhile
It could be short or long weak or strong
But one thing's sure it is me

It might be anything that my heart can dream
Moments lost in time or so it seemed
But when I look between all the cracks and seams
One thing's sure it is me!