I don't know where I'm going
And I don't know where I've been
I don't know what my name is
Won't you tell me once again?

I can't  recall my husband
Oh,  you say I had a wife
So why can't I remember
All the things about my life?

I know I have a room here
It is down one of these halls
But the color of my bedroom...
Somehow I can't recall

Won't someone please just tell me
The way that I should go
I'm sure that when I get there
There won't be this much snow!


Tonight I write a poem for me to see what I can see
I hope it mean as much to you as it will mean to me
I have no plan I have no thought except to clearly see
For sometime I am so confused but that's just part of me

I'm moving back to open space without a neighbor near
My dear sweat wife is coming too but plans not done or clear
To build a home a castle true a mansion in the sky
Is what I'll  do come rain or shine or in the process die

I've got a plan at least for that I'm sure you will agree
But you will have to wait until I've finished it you see
It will be hard but then again what's worth it that is not
So I begin and will not stop from foundation to top

I'll take my boy beside me we will raise a home for us
And hopefully the family left behind will take a bus
A hardwood floor a fireplace a home built just for two
The structure all alone will make the statement "I love You!"

Some living space with lots of light a flushing toilet too
It will be grand upon our land beneath the sky of blue
A loft for fun a pantry in the kitchen when it's done
It will be hard but we will do our best and call it fun

There's something 'bout a man who has a dream that can't be bad
It should not be the cause of worry or cause you to be sad
A man without a destiny is not the man to me
And if you think about it this is just consistency

We've reached our goal the race is won the marriage did attend
Now we move on just like before but this is not the end
But for awhile we did enjoy the safety of a home
But now it time for moving on to strike out on our own

It won't take long and we'll survive it's part of a big plan
Someday we'll laugh and all look back and know it was pretend
For now the time is precious and we must be moving on
We must prepare ourselves to live outside of Babylon


Why is Bacon so darn good when pigs smell so darn bad?
It's something  that I've thought about and wonder if you have
I mean how come it can taste so good how can this thing be true
When they stink so bad for miles around I know you've smelled it too

The cows are bad but not so much and only when they're penned
But pigs smell bad no matter what I wonder where they've been
When we don't see do they go out and play at the local dump
I don't think so but I'll admit the whole things got me stumped

And what is better than Christmas ham so juicy and so sweet
It's enough to make you want to eat nothing but piggy meat
At breakfast time some biscuits covered with sausage gravy deep
Can wake me up before you know I'll be coming down to eat

The best of all is Ice Cream and you all know what I mean
But Bacon Eggs & Hash Browns are close seconds so it seems
So when you start that Breakfast or the dinner bell you ring
Cook Bacon - Ham or Sausage and make me feel like I'm a King!

Birthday Boy

I am almost 50 woopdi do
I feeling old and fat like you
I'm only half way there and yet
I'm all used up and often fret

It's not important that I see
It does not matter much to me
Most is not worth looking at
But it would be nice -  to see my cat

Sometimes I can't remember why I went into a room
So I pretend that I was just a looking for a broom
If everything didn't hurt so much it wouldn't be so bad
I do my best and try to smile,  but often I'm just sad

I bought a motor bike and it makes me feel so free
But I'm afraid it might just tip over and lay on me
It's too late to enjoy the wind a blowing in my hair
But I run my fingers ov'r my head as I see young men stare

I want to live another year or maybe even two
But why right now,  it's not something that I'm  prepared to do
Someday when I am eighty I will think that this was young
But for now just being 48 is not so darn much fun

They say that growing old is cool
But I'm just standing playing pool
Another day and I'll be there
All 48... with little hair

I'll hang in there,  play hard,  but fair
Live long enough to grow new hair
And if you die before I'm through
Can I have you're old pair of shoes?


I woke up bright and early with a lump upon my head
I thought that I had fallen out of my own double  bed
I don't know why I did it and I don't remember how
I'm sure I'm sure of something but I'm not too sure right now

It hurts so much it hurts so bad I want so much to cry
But I'm a man and I can not so don't ask me to try
The blood upon my pillow is a sign that tells me sure
That when the blow was given that my home was not secure

I must conclude a robber or a thief perhaps was here
But why on earth he bopped me on the head is still unclear
There's nothing missing  - nothing gone - all seems so undisturbed
If not for this bump upon my head I would not be perturbed

I guess I'll never know the truth the reason or the rhyme
But I'm convinced it is not safe to live alone when blind
I'm moving out I don't know where  -  truth is I just don't care
I got to live some other place -  some place -  but just not here

I know you think I just can't see  - truth is I can't for sure
Tho' darkness is my world today someday there'll be a cure
And when I'm well and seeing true I'll find that scamp someday
And then I'll bop him in the head in my own special way

I'll wait until he's fast asleep,  and in his home I'll creep
I'll seek him out,  and with a shout,  I'll swing and not retreat
I'll do to him,  as he to me,  upon my head did lay
A hefty blow and blood will flow upon this future day

I'm blind it's true but I'll know you -  I'll get you good someday
And then we'll see who wants to cry,  and wants to run away
You coward true if I were you,  I'd hide my head in shame
For all you've done is hurt someone -  who's blind and partly lame

For now I'll go -  I have to hide -  from evil ones like you
But time will come when running's done,  and then we'll settle true
Today a blind man rubs his head,  and can not understand
Why anyone,  would take the time,  to hurt a blind old man

Book Of Mormon Answer Poem

I bet when you got started you thought you were oh so smart
I bet you gave up half way through and didn't have the heart
The answers right there all the time... yes right before your eyes
Don't tell me you found everyone or I may think you lied!

Bucket Full Of Dreams

Some where inside this heart of mine was a Bucket Full of Dreams
But now I find an empty can or so to me it seems
I'm not sure if I lost it or if it somehow sprung a leak
But I no longer can relay on dreams to help me sleep

When deep inside my lonely heart the emptiness would scream
And I used to use the bucket which was full of such sweet dreams
I'd dream of something better than the troubles that I had
And then what ever bothered me just wouldn't seem so bad

But now I find I'm all alone with just my lonely tears
And now the night seems oh so long as I ponder all my fears
The tears do not fall from my eyes, I can not tell you why
But where I had that bucket now a lonely heart just cries

I want so much to just believe -  I've tried so hard it seems
I want so much to wake and find it's all just been a dream
There nothing quite as lonely as the tears that are not shared
Unless it learning after all... that no one ever cared!

When hopes and dreams and destiny find different paths to take
It seems there nothing left to do except admit it's a mistake
I filled the bucket way to young I guess in retrospect
I thought the time would never come - that I'd someday regret

But now I see that youth is surely wasted on the young
And I can not go back and undo all that has been done
For me the dreams inside that can were worth all of the strive
I was willing to devote myself and strove to make life

But somewhere in the living all the dreams were trampled down
And now the bucket's empty and I fear that I might drowned
Living without dreams and hopes is just existence at it best
And I for one need purpose and direction and a quest

Cancer Woman

I am a cancer patient and that's why I have no hair
I would appreciate it if you kindly would not stare
Yes I am taking kemo and that's why I still am here
I'm ready for my maker,  but I want just one more year

I'm often feeling sorry,  and that's why I am so sad
It hurts like hell - not being well... I'm really not that bad
They cut away my body and this is all that is left
The bill that they have sent me - is nothing more,  than common theft

My heart is sound -  my hearing  good - I'm thankful when I pray
I just can not remember what I'm suppose to do today
There're pills for this and pills for that - a dozen every day
I keep a list cause I forget... at least that's what they say

I'm 93 and pretty spry for a women of my age
I have a room -  it's like a tomb... but not bad as a cage
I've money too and property and stocks inside the bank
They came to me when Harry died and that's when I met Frank

I'm living good and so I should  - I've paid my dues to date
And so I have my eye on Frank - who's only eighty eight
So I am bald and partly gone,  Frank says he doesn't care
He says there something special 'bout a women with no hair

He too he says is not the former man he use to be
He swears he got what it still takes,  and want to prove to me
So here we sit and I won't quit -  we're gonna have our fling
I'll be his girl he'll be my man and he can be my king

I may be old but far from dead,  and I still think I can
Be quite a women,  when I want to be one,  for a man
So if he dies,  while his love he tries,  don't look to me for tears
For after all,  it was his call,  and he  - did volunteer!

Christmas 1997

It's Christmas time who gives a crap
The homeless shelters full of rats

The children of the poor abound
The homeless kids can make no sound

The rich get richer the fat get fat
Yet hunger reigns where the poor are at

I hear the carols now and then
But now adays I think of when

The president's a Crook for sure
And congressmen are not the cure

The IRS is everywhere
With eyes of fire they stock and stare

The bank's corrupt and retail too
All wait to get a piece of you

Such greed such pride no one can see
It's everywhere it grows like weeds

The Murder and the Rape are here
The Secret combinations clear

They tax the taxes then we cheat
Just to survive in our bare feet

The higher on the hill you live
The more you cheat the less you give

The homes no longer just suffice
The building's nothing more than vice

Six bedroom and Six bathrooms too
But no they don't have room for you

It is the same as long ago
A mother and her child  foretold

A babe was born at cattle's feet
As Joseph watched and Mary weeped

He too was poor and sorrow knew
He gave his all for me and you

This special time we do recall
The man who saved us from the fall

He showed the path he marked the way
And yet we all like sheep do stray

Before you buy that gift or two
Just think of him who died for you!

Music Lost
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