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A Better Life
A House is not a Home
Beauty's 5th Birthday Party
Cookie Math
Defying Gravity
Democrats Are 2020 Fools
Doctor my Eyes
Falling In Love Again
Genie in a Bottle
Girls at the Computer
Hard Working Man
Henry The Whale
Home School Video
Hop Scotch Lunch Time Dancing
I Fought The Law
If I Should Love Again
Join Hands Let's Spread Freedom
Kyle's 24th Birthday Memories
Kyle's 25th Birthday
Little Girls Dancing
Lunch Time New Kids
Lyn's 26th Birthday Party
Me and My Teddy Bear
My New Apartment
Only The Heavens Know
Original Crew Was Fired
Overnight Guests
Right From The Start
Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me
Singing English Lessons
So Lonely
Step By Step
Swimming Pool First Time Use
Ten Minutes with Randy 01
Ten Minutes with Randy 02
Ten Minutes with Randy 03
Ten Minutes with Randy 04
Ten Minutes with Randy 05
Ten Minutes with Randy 06
Ten Minutes with Randy 07
Ten Minutes with Randy 08
Ten Minutes with Randy 09
Ten Minutes with Randy 10
The Adventures of Randy 01
The Adventures of Randy 03
The Adventures of Randy 04
The Adventures of Randy 06
The Adventures of Randy 07
The Adventures of Randy 08
The Castillo Family Christmas 1
The Castillo Family Christmas 2
The Castillo Family Christmas 3
The Castillo Family Christmas 4
The Castillo Family Christmas 5
The Castillo Family Christmas 6
The Castillo Family Christmas 7
The Gift From Your Hands To Mine
The Randy Entertainment Center
Turning 71
Update November 9th 2011
Update November 11th 2011
Update November 14th 2011
Update November 18th 2011
Update November - Electrical
Walk To The LDS Church
What Is Love For
Welcome to Randy's Life

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