'Twas The Night Before Pumpkin

'Twas the night before pumpkin
And all down the street
Not a creature was stiring
And I needed fresh meat!

Mom was in her nightgown
And me and my bat
Were needing the same thing
Now where was she at?

And then mom was crying
And started to run
To hear mother screaming
To me seemed like fun

And then the bat bit her
The blood curdling scream
And then it was my turn
For it was Halloween

From down in the cellar
Inside my old box
I arose right at midnight
And the doors I did lock

With fangs now for teeth
They sunk deep in her neck
And the blood flowed so freely
I drank every speck

I search for the children
My own family
And drinking the blood
Was like candy to me

I drank and I drank
Until they all ran dry
It's when I got done
That I started to cry

I could not believe it
I could not understand
How could I be
Such a horrible man

Now I needed desert
That was plain to see
Blood pudding and Ice Cream
Would surely suit me

I know it seems strange
But it was Halloween
And then I woke up
It was all just a dream!