The Man That I've Become

One day you'll look
And I'll be gone
And just a memory
Will tell of the man
You loved
And his identity

The man you loved
Is not the man
I know the man to be
The man you loved
Was nothing more than
Forced complacency

The man I know
Is strong and sure
And full of decency
And if you knew
The man I was
You'd love him
Just like me

He never wanted very much
Nor did he care for things
And yet he lived a life so full
You'd think he were a king
He failed so often
It became
The rule of his life
He never would just settled
For a second Mormon wife

He never wanted to admit
He could not please his own
He only wanted life so sweet
Inside a forest home

The man I know is different from
The man I think you love
The one that you believe in
Is not a man I ever was
I never wanted riches and
I never wanted gold
I only wanted happiness
The happiness foretold

You may not think
I really tried
You may find in me
And some despised
And in their eyes
I never will exalt

The man I know
Is nothing short of
Destiny or fate
The man I am
Can only do his best
And hope and wait

I don't know why
You can not love
The man that I've become
I love you still
And you have changed
When all is said and done

Why can't you see
That I am only
Made of flesh and blood
Why can't you just accept
That I'm a king and not a dud