Picture Gallery 09
This little boy is giving the universal hand signal known here in the Philippines to mean,
Because my companion at the time was very tiny only 4 foot 7 inches tall the children really got on well with her and would come by the house daily and sit and do nails together and use computers work on their home work and just hang out.  I always had food around and would feed kids on a daily basis everything from grilled Cheese to Adobo and rice just what ever everyone was in the mood for.
Over the years I have put a smile on the face of many kids and this is just another one who has enjoyed eating at my home and using computers etc
I have as many little boys who hang out at my house as I do little girls.  These kids are always hungry and alway in need of something.
I have never been able to own a swimming pool like my brothers Chris or Paul have been able to but that has never stopped me from making my own.
I took an area on my porch that was only about 6 foot square I guess and put a little wall around it with concrete block and called it a swimming pool.  The kids loved it for months and they came from all around to have a dip and stay cool in the hot summer of the Phlilippines.
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