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The Icy Cream Shake Business I started in Golgen City Imus to help a family there.
The business opened about 9 am and usually stayed open until 9 pm or later
This business sold a drink known widely now but before you knew what a slushy was it was made from shaved ice blended with a variety of different flavors.  You can see the different colored containers on pic 1 each one is a different flavor
As an option Icy Cream Shakes came with the option of a different toppings which could be blended into the drink .  Sprinkles, chocolate Hershey type mini kisses m & m's all kinds of stuff for an extra 2 pesos
This business made 15k a month in pure profit from the day it began. That's after wages for two full time girls from the neighborhood who also drew support from this business to help their families
Starting and running self employment small buiness is something I have been doing all my life. Nothing changed when I moved to the Phillippines except now I help other people start them and teach them how to run a good business so they can support themselves
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