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Me and Al who was the owner of Ashley Manor the last paying job I held.  This is the apartment complex where I worked with Shane for several months while awaiting a SSD review and was required to be in the USA
This is me and Lyn  We were together for 4 or 5 years give or take and I introduced her to Brian her current companiion and they currently live in Luzon together.  Lyn's family is the family upon whos land I live and have built my house
This picture was taken while I was serving my LDS mission in Independance Missouri in the office as part of the staff there.  I was the editor for our monthly publication full color offset printing
I have always preferred Cats to Dogs.  And I have had dozens and dozens of cats during my lifetime.  I'm always looking for my next cat.
I fancy myself at times a photographer and this is one of the best pictures I have ever taken.  I have left the file full size so you can click on it and see the details. I knew this man and he lives over on the island of Cebu.  I use to take walks that put me on his street and he was always just quiet and polite to say hello when I passed.  Click this picture and take a look!
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