Picture Gallery 12
The home sat on 3 acres purchased from Herman Crumb. At one time it was beautiful yet simple.  We had a pond in the front yard, raised a garden and chickens and strawberries were grown around the base of the power pole.  Yes there was electricity but the water came from the creek and the bathroom was nothing more than an outhouse
The was a home built by myself and my little boys born at the time. The home was 24 foot square with the area in the attic finished off for sleeping for the little kids
A Wheel Chair I got from Chariots of Hope loaded on my motorcycle ready to deliver 2 hours away on the other side of the mountain in a place known as Toledo on the Island of Cebu
Delivery accomplished to the surprise and happiness of one Gee Gee a squatter born disabled and had been living without a chair for a long time due to poverty
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