Well well look who clicked the button that said not to click here!  This was a test to see if you have any kid left in you at all.  The fact that you are reading this now tells me that there is still hope for you in Never Never land.  All you need to do now is just close your eyes and believe. 

Believe what you ask?  Believe in all those things you use to believe in and as you grew up you let them go and decided they are not for real.  When you were young you use to know in your heart that Santa Clause was Real...now you think Santa Claus is only someone in a costume pretending to be  Santa.  

Believe in Dragons and the Lockness Monster. You knew in your heart as a child that monsters existed but as you grew up you have decided you were just being silly and that monsters don't really exist. As long as there are Ted Bundy's in the world and other monsters like him it should be easy for you to believe in monsters again.

Believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny and all those things you used to believe in.  Concentrate and you can do it.

Believe in Sunshine.  Sunshine is not something to run away from and look for some Air Conditioned mall to escape.  Don't you remember what it was like to feel the sunshine on your face when you laid in the grass on your own front lawn looking up into the sky.  The sunshine has not changed, only you changed.

Believe in Rain.  When is the last time you went out to play in the rain and jumped in a puddle of water and actually "Played in the Rain?"  The rain is still the same only you have changed.

Most of all when you have your eyes closed believe in yourself.  If you try real hard you can remember what is was like when you believe that just about anything is possible.  Nothing could stop you.  You could do anything and you were willing to try try try and try again to accomplish some of your dreams.  You are the one who let go of your dreams.  You are the one who gave up - gave in - what ever you want to call it and became the person that you are now, instead of the kid that you were.

If you believe hard enough you will understand my life and who I am because I still believe!  That's why you might agree with those who call me crazy.  I still go out to play in the rain with the other kids.  Yes I'm bigger now but the kids don't care.  I still go barefooted every day of my life and I'm not talking about just around the house.  I go to the mall barefooted, I go grocery shopping barefooted, I go out to eat at fast food places and I walk in with naked feet and yes people stare and wonder what is going on.  Strangers will come up to me and say, "Where are your shoes?"  I usually answer them and say something like, "They are at home where they belong my shoes weren't hungry, only I was hungry so why should I bring them?"

Life is too short to live your life the way others think you should live it.  It's your life, live your life and live it the way you want to live it.  That's all I'm doing.  I wake up each day and I do what I want to do, what I think I should do, what I think is important to do today.  I make my own rules as I have since I was 8.  When I see a fence I don't see something that tells me to stay out I see something that says climb over me.  When I see an empty lot, I don't see an empty lot, I see the many things that that Lot can be.  A baseball field, a beautiful home, a park with trees and a playground.  Why should I waste my mind on an empty lot when I can put in my mind a beautiful lake with big trees and ducks swimming around and lots and lots of grass everywhere?

As a Child I don't see the world as it is, but rather as it could be, as I imagine it to be.  Nothing is impossible and so I see only possibilities, opportunities, adventure and things to build and change and improve upon.  Ask anyone who has personally known me and they will tell you that every place I have ever live, and there are a great number of places, and every one of them I change and improved upon.  I cleaned up other peoples broken glass trash piles, I built on rooms, I painted, I planted, I left each place better than it was when I got there.  And after all isn't that what you would expect of a good kid?

I believe in me.  I use to believe in all kinds of stupid things that grown ups taught me to believe in but I found out for myself that most of that was lies.  So now as I walk around I no longer stare at the ground and miss all the rainbows above my head that have been there all the time for me to see if only I would look up.  But like you I was taught to be afraid to look up.  And if I did look up and see something that didn't seem to be right, like you they tried to teach me to just be quiet about it and don't say anything.  Ya know don't rock the boat. You can't fight city hall and all that stuff. 

Well ya know what when your a kid you don't worry about city hall or the corruption that is all around us now a days.  As a child I am apart from all of that.  I just live my life, and stay out of the grown ups way.  That is a lesson all kids learn very early in life.  Just stay out of the grown ups way and for the most part they will ignore you!